Pollie Bites Podcast

Weekly Episode: April 29th 2022

April 29, 2022 Voice For Victoria
Pollie Bites Podcast
Weekly Episode: April 29th 2022
Show Notes

We're back for the week with Matt from Discernable talking about how things are going as  we hit midway in the federal election cycle and see the Victorian government face even more scandals as the preliminary IBAC report gets leaked to the media.

In this episode we talk about political debates and if the public even pays any attention to them, the new ad getting pushed by the Liberals to link Albo to Dan in key seats, how much hot water is the Labor government in between a leaked IBAC report implying they are systematically corrupt and having one of their previously closest unions declare open warfare for the state election and so much more.

Relevant links:
Scomo caught texting during the ANZAC Day service. 

New Federal Liberal Party ad trying to link Albo to Dan.

Leaked Operation Watts IBAC report.

United Firefighters Union launches campaign attack on Labor.

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