Pollie Bites Podcast

Weekly Episode: May 13th 2022

May 13, 2022
Pollie Bites Podcast
Weekly Episode: May 13th 2022
Show Notes

It's been a busy time as we head into the final week of the federal election campaign. Matt once again joins me for this episode but is off after this week to focus on building his fancy new studio, so next weeks pre-election-night episode will feature a special guest co-host.

In this episode we discuss just how feral the campaign has become, which was epitomised during an out of control election debate, before spending quite a lot of time talking about the corruption close to home. As Dan comes out as having faced yet another IBAC inquiry in the middle of our health system having a meltdown, you can start to see the Teflon wearing thin.

Leaders debate that got out of hand.

Leaked IBAC report being investigated.

The Victorian Ombudsman announces dual investigations.

Dan faces another private IBAC interview.

Victorian healthcare is in a crisis.

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