Pollie Bites Podcast

Weekly Episode: May 20th 2022

May 20, 2022
Pollie Bites Podcast
Weekly Episode: May 20th 2022
Show Notes
It's the last recap before the election and what better special guest to have for the episode than Victorian MP turned Senate hopeful David Limbrick.

In this episode we get into the hits and misses in the last week of the federal campaign, from Albo muddling up borders to Scomo body slamming a child in a non-contact sport and the AEC managing to cause mass confusion for those who have covid but need to vote.

When looking at Victoria we've also had quite a lot going on, with Dan getting grilled by PAEC, the IBAC Commissioner getting cut off by a Parliamentary committee and the collapse of ESTA and the ambulance crises getting solved by the government with a rebrand.

References in the episode:

Albo's border gaffe.

Scomo knocks over a child during while attempting to play sport.

AEC updates voting policy for those with covid who need to vote.

IBAC Commissioner fronts government committee and gets cut off.

ESTA to be renamed after damning performance report. 

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