Pollie Bites Podcast

Weekly Episode: June 3rd 2022

June 03, 2022
Pollie Bites Podcast
Weekly Episode: June 3rd 2022
Show Notes

In this weeks episode I am once again joined by Choc and we cover the major political events of the week, such as Albo forming a majority government while the economic situation continues to rapidly decline. In Victoria it's been another week of bad media and corruption headlines for the state government with the delivery of the toxic soil dumping report, an ABC special into Dan secretly getting grilled by IBAC and the government fighting the release of documents around the $2 million dollar public surveys they ran during the lockdowns.

As mentioned in the episode, links to references are below:

Albo forms majority government.

Predicted rise in interest rates.

ABC 730 Report on Dan Andrews and IBAC.

Matthew Guy referred himself to IBAC over the 'lobster' incident.

Fiona Patten & Bernie Finn get into debate on 3AW.

Trucking companies at risk of collapse due to changes to fuel tax credits. 

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